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Personal Diary

Nutrition Student Intern


  • ​Undergraduates (Yr. 3 and or above) majoring in nutrition at recognized universities ​


  1. Complimentary coaching ​by registered  dietitian to acquire nutrition research and ​professional communication skill as a "Nutrition Writer"  on the platform.

  2. Shall be endorsed for capstone program if performance is satisfactory or recommended to further academic and career advancement for outstanding performance. 

  3. 10% off for elective  coaching  Contemporary Nutritionist Training Program offered by NuQuotient Academy​ * and promote to Nutritionist Partner upon satisfactory completion.

  4. Mentorship and networking with Nutritionists and Dietitians partners.

  5. Access to Nutrition HK resource centre for career and education resources. 

  6. Job opportunity in nutrition related projects.



Interested parties please send the application with resume by clicking the "Apply" button. Your information will be processed according to privacy policy.  


It usually takes up to 2 weeks to process your application. Should you have any enquiries about membership application, please email

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