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Mei Leung


  • 香港中文大學食物及營養科學理學士

  • 土耳其海外義工服務

Qualifications and Experience

  • B.Sc. in Food and Nutritional Sciences

  • Global Volunteer, AIESEC in Turkey






Personal Profile

I am in my third year of pursuing a Bachelor of Food & Nutritional Sciences.I have gained skill for organizing a community nutrition project from Nutritional Science courses. I have learned how to designing meal plans for healthy individuals and prevention of diet related diseases also.


I have participation in 命力營全城X CUHK Scholarship Program which gave me a change to utilize what I have learned from lessons. I designed and wrote a 3-month community program proposal to increase public’s awareness.


I have passions in cooking and baking. I am interested in creating healthy cuisines which are simple and delicious. I am expert in  designing meal plans which is suitable for Hong Kong people, providing Individualized nutrition recommendations and lifestyle modifications. 

Disclaimer: All information contained in this profile is provided by the nutritionist partner. Whilst Nutrition HK endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information, no guarantee or warranty is given as to its appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances.

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14 Oct, 2020 

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