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Elaine Luk


  • 於理工大學修讀物理治療碩士

  • 香港大學食品及營養科學理學士

Qualifications and Experience

  • Studying Master in Physiotherapy (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

  • BSc (Hons) in Food and Nutrition Science(The University of Hong Kong)




Personal Profile

I was graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Food and Nutritional Science and minoring in Kinesiology. I studied Sport Nutrition in University of Birmingham during exchange program. I am currently studying Master of Physiotherapy in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I participated in a community-based diabetes prevention research project through diet and exercise in University, and assisted a local hospital in providing nutrition counselling activities. After graduation, I worked in private companies to design healthy recipes and offer dietary consultation for more than 100 clients, and provided community health seminars.


Like many Hongkongers, I like to enjoy and cook various food. To lose weight, we do not need to eat boiled vegetables at all meals. To gain muscle, we do not need to eat chicken breast with broccoli every day. Healthy diet can be appetising! I am familiar with Hong Kong’s local food culture, and good at weight management in a “down-to-earth” way. I strive to promote accurate information about diet and exercise. Through controlling the eating carefully and cooperating with exercise, you can lose weight in an effective and healthy way and establish a healthy lifestyle and eating habits with a positive attitude. I can communicate in Thai.

Disclaimer: All information contained in this profile is provided by the nutritionist partner. Whilst Nutrition HK endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the information, no guarantee or warranty is given as to its appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances.

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4 Oct, 2020 

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