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What does NHK Academy offer?

In addition to consultation service, we also offer difference courses to deliver nutrition knowledge. Our lecturer is a registered dietitian with many years of expertise and experience in nutrition areas.

Basic nutrition courses are offered to people who care about their health and wish to improve their nutritional status. The introduction courses would help the general public to gain more food and nutrition knowledge.

On the other hand, the training programs are designed for undergraduates and graduates majoring in Food & Nutrition Science that may help them to develop their career in the nutrition industry.

Check Our Courses

Basic Course

Introduction courses for the beginner to learn more nutrition knowledge and improve their nutritional status by diet. 

Advanced Course

Training courses for the professional learners to further enhance their counselling and practical skills.

Why NHK Academy?

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It is very useful and helpful to those who want to be a dietitian. We are able to gain practice skills that cannot learn from textbook or school.

My favourite part is to explore different nutrition content each lesson, which is prepared by student. Those were like ‘fun facts’ that extended my horizon.

—  Angus Wan

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